Pet Travel

Pet Limo Specializes in coordinating pet relocations anywhere in the world. Of course we handle all types of animals as well. We understand that when traveling domestically or internationally it can be some what stressful, but No Fear, Pet Limo is here! PetLimo will handle all of the following:

Pet Relocation

Plan Your Pet’s Route

We will find the best route for your pet keeping them on the most direct route possible that can accommodate your pet’s needs.

Visit to the Vet

We can provide for a visit to a licensed and accredited veterinarian shortly before the travel date to obtain required travel forms and tests.

USDA Endorsement

We can arrange for USDA endorsement which is required for all pets departing the United States.

Provide All Equipment Necessary

We can provide IATA compliant pet crates, hardware, pads, water bottles, microchips and all equipment necessary for your pet to travel internationally.

Complete Paperwork

We will obtain and complete all necessary paperwork required by the airline and the destination country prior to your pet’s travel date, including USDA endorsement.

Schedule Kenneling

We can arrange for any kenneling necessary to accommodate your pet’s flight schedule, whether in the originating city, layover city or destination city.

Check-In, Pickup & Drop Off

We can provide for pickup, delivery and check-in of your pet at the airline as well as pickup, customs clearance and delivery of your pet at its destination.

Corporate Relocations

If you’re a corporate relocation professional, we understand that you face the daily challenges of time management, client communication and budgeting.
Our relocation team caters to relocation professionals as well as their transferees, creating a seamless transition and customer service experience for everyone involved.

Contact us to enhance your company’s relocation services!